LeoRising is a 250hr Accredited Yoga Teacher based in Manhattan, NY. Since 2010 LeoRising has been living a thorough life in holistic & mystical service as a healer & personal guide to highly prominent beings in corporate, celebrity, and sensitive artistic lifestyles. As a trained and adept  Spiritualist, LeoRising offers a unique remedy to the trials and tribulation of modern day life through, "The Roarrior Shift", his 1-on-1 Lifestyle Guru mentorship program. Born with a few extra senses and charismatic sweetness that never runs out of fuel, LeoRising is sought out by students internationally for his cosmic personality, precision, and guidance through the energetic layers of humanity. As a yoga teacher, he found that the physically rehabilitating practices of asana (yoga poses) and pranyama (breath work) open aspects of existence that are connected, grounded, stable and promote clarity upon every action, and the space to exist fully present, while still. Leo Rising accredits his honed abilities to the generous teachers of his life and personal Gurus, that have been with him for his whole journey. Their presence and mystical finesse continue to guide the Leader he is today. With Great reverence he acknowledges  Goddess Butterfly and Scott Hardie, as his daily inspiration to stay close to spirited living, and honest in his intentions.     

Heralded as New York's "Cosmic Personality"  it was not long before LeoRising's intelligence and leadership made strides internationally aiding in philantropic works with Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in service of the Africa Yoga Project in Nairobi, Kenya. During which he served as the key apprentice to Dana Flynn for three years. He's completed 250hrs of yoga teacher training at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in addition to re-energizing and re-imaging their entire social media campaign, which is now a notable and inspiring platform of yogi fun.  Always full of energy and a natural traveler LeoRising has taught abroad in Lake Como, Italy,  Kyoto, Japan, and has been featured on shows national television in Lifetime’s Little Women NY, The Bethenny Frankel Show, and for WB PIX 11’s World Health Expo

With a deep love for performing arts at his foundation, as a means to attune his mind  to witness the sensitive nature of human emotions, LeoRising's early education was eclectic, majestic, philosophical and sourced from a science that knew no boundaries. Historically his family has influenced the American civil rights movement, served as leaders of change, care takers, healers, athletes and protectors of the peace. Thus he has been imbued with the roaring presence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr as well as the wisdom and grace of deeply humanitarian practices. With wise words, and always a good laugh, LeoRising's social media presence is as uplifting as his divine vessel in person, follow him by clicking the links below.